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found some research on water and quantum properties:

Cooperative and Coherent Water

Cooperative hydrogen-bonding between molecules gives rise to energetically favourable three-dimensional network of supramolecular clusters in liquid water under ambient conditions, resulting in long-range dipole correlation and quantum coherence Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
info on quantum coherence:

Positive Electricity Zaps Through Water Chains

Water bound on surfaces of proteins and membranes conducts positive electricity, and could enable cells and tissues to intercommunicate rapidly and efficiently. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Can Water Burn?

The case of salt water that can be ignited when exposed to a radio frequency beam and what it could tell us about the structure of water Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
Is Water Special?

Water has a collective structure that’s extremely flexible and dynamic, which may explain some of its ‘anomalies’. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explains
Quantum Physics Makes Water Different

It is interesting that one of the substance that we are most familiar with, actually can only be explained using quantum mechanics. This is certainly true with water and its properties.

Quantum objects, such as atomic nuclei, have properties of both waves and particles. Quantum effects aren’t usually manifest to the naked eye, but in this case they may be responsible for some of water’s unusual features. “The quantum effect in water is abundantly obvious,” says Alan Soper of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot, England.
If So plus Water on the Sun info, then it explains this:

Apparently the Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, who proposed and thoroughly researched links between solar activity and biological response, found that bacteria in water responded to solar flares instantaneously, as opposed to the 8.3 minutes it should take for the photon bombardment to elicit a response."
and this:

Redon files: Quantum Entanglement in Photosynthesis and Evolution

Recently, academic debate has been swirling around the existence of unusual quantum mechanical effects in the most ubiquitous of phenomena, including photosynthesis, the process by which organisms convert light into chemical energy.
and finally:

Chengdu Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences

"Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes

Chengdu Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences

A new quantum state of water found in carbon nanotubes at room temperature could have important implications for life...
...That's a big deal. Reiter and co chose carbon nanotubes because they are an analogue of the conditions water faces when passing through living systems, through ion channels in cell membranes, for example. Biologists have long known that flow through these channels is orders of magnitude greater than conventional fluid dynamics predicts. Perhaps this new state of quantum water is the reason why.


Physics and Physicists: Quantum Physics Makes Water Different

New Science of the Organism - Water
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