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one more info, which is of great importance, i know you guys would agree with me :

Water on the Sun?

An international team of scientists, including a University of Waterloo chemistry professor, has conclusively demonstrated that water (actually steam) does exist on the sun, confirming a breakthrough finding made two years ago.

The team used an innovative method to calculate the water spectrum at sunspot temperatures. The method will be useful in modelling systems with an abundance of extremely hot water molecules, such as forest fires.
Water Found on Sun

note: meet your coil/fractal antenna to harvest sun energy and it also confirms why:

Apparently the Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, who proposed and thoroughly researched links between solar activity and biological response, found that bacteria in water responded to solar flares instantaneously, as opposed to the 8.3 minutes it should take for the photon bombardment to elicit a response."

Just to show you that i was not the first one to think of this concept:

Elaborating the Neoplatonist picture. Agrippa accepts the basic Neoplatonic framework sketched above. God has the Forms in his mind. God created "Angelical and Celestial secondary causes," beings Agrippa also calls the "Intelligences," and God "gives the seal of His Ideas to the Intelligences." The Intelligences then use the "heavens and stars as instruments" to send these copies of the Forms down to humans on the Earth. In exactly the way our souls/intellects control our bodies, the Intelligences -- the Celestial souls -- control the body (=the matter) of the universe. So just as my mind "sends commands" to my body in order for the mind to achieve its aims, so too do the Intelligences/ celestial souls use the stars to achieve their ends. Thus Agrippa agrees with Avicen[na], who says "whatever things are done here, must have been before in the motions and conceptions of the stars and orbes." Agrippa says that "quintessence" -- Aristotle's 5th element, aither -- is what conveys the Intelligences' power to material stuffs: the spirit is contained in "the rays of the stars."
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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