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water is the answer, before remember this fact (i ll explain why later):

water is present everywhere

Water appears to be one of the most abundant molecules in the Universe. It dominates the environment of the Earth and is a main constituent of numerous planets, moons and comets. On a far greater scale it possibly contributes to the so-called "missing mass" of the Universe and may initiate the birth of stars inside the giant molecular clouds. This paper gives a brief description of water and ice environments with an emphasis on their possible origin and subsequent development in the Solar System. Expanding the scope of hydrology to cover phenomena encountered on other celestial bodies is postulated and discussed.

The Paper

Now I present u with:

WiTricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WiTricity is based on strong coupling between electromagnetic resonant objects (ie two water coil) to transfer energy wirelessly between them. This differs from other methods like simple induction, microwaves, or air ionization. The system consists of transmitters and receivers ( a tree for instance) that contain magnetic loop antennas critically tuned to the same frequency. Due to operating in the electromagnetic near field, the receiving devices must be no more than about a quarter wavelength from the transmitter (which is a few meters at the frequency used by the example system). In their first paper, the group also simulated GHz dielectric resonators...
...In the experiment both coils were made to resonate at 10Mhz, allowing them to couple and for "tails" of energy to flow between them.

doesn't this remind you of Witricity:

ps: I posted this on another thread because this knowledge discovery leads to so many different roads just like a tree ( good thing since there is also a fractal logic to it )
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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