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Now that we talked about fractal, let me share with u some info on water:

Kirlian Photography of
water samples on photographic film©:
1 drop - tap water,
2 mountain water drop,
Teteven, Bulgaria,
3 drop - seawater,
Hammamet, Tunisia,
4 drop - karst and mineral water,
Zlatna Panega, Bulgaria,;
Dr. Ignatov©, Dipl.Eng. Yatsevich©, 2010

"In the Kirlian effect, which is a high-frequency electric discharge in gas, the color of light depends only on gas. It does not depend on the electrodes. It is apparent that the color Kirlian aura carries biological information from the object itself. The observed phenomenon cannot be described and explained from the point of view of the modern physical notions for the color of the light of gas discharge. The fact that different colors are being observed, apparently confirms the opportunity for selective influence on the researched object. The methodic and the results of Dr. Ignat Ignatov are a novelty, because local energy states of the researched object are displayed depending on the colors in his electric aura. This, as a fact, presents new possibilities for the research and characterization of the qualities and properties in a biological and physical aspect of the object. New opportunities are found for the characterization of the biological properties of objects after a certain influence. Dr. Ignatov’s methodic for Color Kirlian spectral analysis can be defined. New notions for color vision are possible to be discovered. It is not clear whether the green color that we see is an averaged effect between the yellow and the blue color, or in some cases it corresponds to a wave length corresponding to the green color of the spectrum (Marinov, Ignatov, 2008)"
The Capacity for Unique Bioinfluence Is Where the Colors of the Kirlian Aura Are (Ignat Ignatov) - Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)

the following website has a collection of links relating to vibrational water, going from the esoteric to the scientific (u pick whichever interests you).

Vibrational water is a term we are using to encompass a broad range of concepts and technologies related to energetic water themes. Vibrational energy is an emerging field in medicine, physics, and agriculture. Thus, related terms include vibrational medicine, vibrational physics, and vibrational agriculture.

Perhaps you will notice that some of these practices deal with subtle energy (e.g., Reiki, sai sanjeevini), while others are grounded in mechanical-biological (e.g., flow forms, Effective Microorganisms). We take a liberal approach and include all of these practices and concepts under this large umbrella known as vibrational water.
Vibrational Water

Vibrational Water:// Standard Chemistry and Physics; A Reference Point

Causes of Color: //Why is water blue? //Vibrations and visible spectrum
Home | Causes of Color

Causes of Color: //Home
Home | Causes of Color

Double-Resonance Spectroscopy of Autoionizing States of Water
Double-resonance spectroscopy of autoionizing states of water

Dense Water
Peter Augustin

A fascinating series of articles on properties of water from Peter Augustin. The material probably lies somewhere between metaphysics and standard physics; very interesting!
Selected titles:

The Anomalies of Water – The Foundation of Life

The Muscles in Water

The Biological Vacuum

Biological life is above all invisible, contractile, vibrating, reflecting muscle
membrane in water.

At the Beginning was the Sound. The Earthworm or The inner Infinity
Peter Augustin
water is present everywhere

Note:The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females.

Water appears to be one of the most abundant molecules in the Universe. It dominates the environment of the Earth and is a main constituent of numerous planets, moons and comets. On a far greater scale it possibly contributes to the so-called "missing mass" of the Universe and may initiate the birth of stars inside the giant molecular clouds. This paper gives a brief description of water and ice environments with an emphasis on their possible origin and subsequent development in the Solar System. Expanding the scope of hydrology to cover phenomena encountered on other celestial bodies is postulated and discussed.

The Paper

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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