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Great links and info. I think your right and i think there is no doubt we all have the abilities and that, similiar to what ImBill said, most people simply have them locked away within the limits set by their own beliefs.

I think telepathy is a twin sibling to telkinesis. I think both of them are simple communication. One is communication between person to person and the other is communication between a person and everything else. Telepathy being a step higher than telekinesis.

Telepathy needs two way communication, a person who is an emittor and reciever. While telekinesis is one way communication, a person who is an emittor. Static objects seem to naturally be good recievers. Maybe i should ask them to teach me how they do it? lol. For all i know, telekinesis could just be a byproduct of telepathy. The way ive imagined it is as though everyone naturally has a dialup connection and i developed a broadband connection. The only difference being my signal is strong enough to affect static objects that would otherwise go unaffected. I would bet that someone who is telepathic and a good reciever would have an easy time reading my mind.

I've never really spent that much time looking at the simularities between the two but I just remembered something i heard a long time ago and its an even bigger connection. It was a video about ascension and the next higher dimension, the speaker being someone who i think is fully credible, spoke about the types of things we could expect to see and that our abilities would then be natural to everyone, that telepathy is the main form of communication. Whats interesting is that he noted, telepathy was not going to be like anything we would imagine, that unlike a spoken language you dont just say a sentence then stop. Our thoughts are ever flowing, day and night they never stop and that anybody at any time could hear you and you would hear them. That the communication is not just direct and singular.

I never spent too much time thinking about that, always thought it was interesting, afterall it would be the end to all deception...But, i just realized that is exactly how telekinesis works and it makes perfect sense for telepathy to work the same way. From my experience with telekinesis this confirms, that is exactly how telepathy will work. As i mentioned though, even if you trained yourself to be a great reciever, most people today would not be good emittors, so im sure it would be difficult it at all possible to hear someones thoughts unless they trained to become an emittor.
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