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I just watched INELIA BENZ's interview, I really liked the way she describes telepathy, it reminded of this post made by metamorpheus :

Originally Posted by metamorpheus View Post
I think its a fascinating phenomena, where one coil separated by a distance,with no physical connection, other than by earth ground, will resonate with another coil, its kind of like the phenomena with twins, where no matter how far apart they are, they can feel emotions in the other person. It make you wonder if you could build a circuit to vibrate your brain at a particular frequency to match someone else....might make cell phones obsolete one day.
and by Infunity :

Originally Posted by Infunity View Post
I agree with metamorpheus on this matter! This is the basis for all transmission of electro-magnetic waves from one transmitter to a receiver. Most old radios seem to have a tuning aspect so that you can change the connections to the coil to change the frequency with which it will resonate. The greatest implementation of this known to "modern" man is Tesla's last great creation.. the one they never let him finish.. a tower capable of using the earth's resonant frequency matched to his tower to broadcast energy of the earth for use in electrical devices anywhere. This was a further development of the Tesla Coil, which is a good place to start to understand this stuff! I mean, Tesla was one of the first inventors of radio, and definitely before Marconi stole his ideas at Edison's company and claimed he invented it. Well, good luck in your search for resonance! Some say its the key to the universe. If you really wanna dive deep... check out a guy they sometimes claim (but isn't) the son of Tesla, John Hutchinson. He's cleaning up the Gulf using the resonant frequency of the carbon atom and molecules to somehow break apart oil into a plasma state, a nuclear change if anything. Fun stuff!
I think she has the capacity to tune her frequency to match whichever person she wishes to make mental contact with.

More on this:

Will two identical coils be in resonance with each other?
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