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Gabriolaman I was in another thread in this forum and saw a picture of your H-Wave very cool I was wondering if you could tell me how you hooked up your laptop to the SG ? I downloaded some software, have a Headphone jack and wrapped a small coil to try to pick up the magnet pulse to measure my RPM. Didn't work Anywho I heard that you can also measure your RPM by the pulse repetition rate of your h-wave. Jetijs said he hooked up one end to the emmiter and the other to the collector. you said you used a variable resistor ( 1K pot?) to tune it to allow the rotor to still run and read the scope with out interfearing with the SG. Is their anything else I should know? does it matter which wire is hooked up to emitter/collector was the variable resistor the only thing you had between the circuit and the scope? I dont want to blow my sound card, but really want to see the wave form and try to use it to tune my SG. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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