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Thats great info

Originally Posted by Sephiroth View Post
it is much easier to start. Using magnets half the size i was using with 1 trigger (they were double stacked but now using just 1 layer) and have increased the gap between stator and rotor to 4 mm (was 1mm) and the sweet spot resistance is higher than i've got the resistors for at the moment! With one trigger the sweet spot was about 600ohms but now i have stuck every resistor i have on the trigger and it is now 2.4kilo ohms but i think the sweet spot is still higher than that.
Since increasing the gap the motor still spins at a several thousand rpm (no tach so just an estimate) and there is NO vibration from the mounting and the motor runs cold and silent.
That is awesome Actually this may be old news to you but I just figured that out. I made my coil mounting adjustable I had it as far up / close as I could get it to the magnets but the mounting was restricting me a little. I tweaked the design a bit and got the coil to just a hair away from the magnets! Now she is spinning like a champ much faster I think I read that the faster the rotor spins the less amps it draws, so hopefully this should increase my efficiency. I have a 680 Ohm on it now but thinking of removing it and using my 1K pot to try to tune it again. And now I am also definatly going to add a second trigger, that should also help when I add my second coil. Also I saw laser tachs on ebay for about $20 I need to start accurately tracking speed in relation to efficiency.
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