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What i am trying to show is that through "evolution" (whichever theory you believe in), the brain took over the function of interpreting sight,sound and touch; in other words it is an acquired Aptitude (what else can be acquired ). the question i ask myself is what lies next? And i don't think it is a such a giant leap to believe that telepathy is just learning to use the right frequency and knowing how to receive/emit such a wave. The brain will have to learn/be trained also to interpret such signals (ie: god helmet).

And if you read (and believe) the account of abductees, most would say that ETs communicated with them through Telepathy, which means that we human already have that ability ingrained within us.

just have to know how to unlock it, or which part of the brain needs to be trained/stimulated

YouTube - ‪Emotiv computer game controlled by thoughts‬‏

IBVA Brainwave Controller

YouTube - ‪IBVA Brainwave Controller‬‏

updated post#1 (added human body)
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