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Originally Posted by philopolymath View Post
Gee 4,000 + posts...I sometimes feel this forum's true purpose is meant to distract & confuse and keep people out of the lab...I stopped reading and started laughing at the first instance of the word "Zipon".
Hey philopolymath,

Your terms of distract and confuse are spot on ....

This started over ten years ago with a claim of her invention with a efficiency of COP> 17 and going on to a new device of Rosemary's with a claim of COP> INFINITY and has provided her documentation as "PROOF".

There is a big problem with Rosemary as a inventor giving "PROOF" of a claim, normally its a "FINDING" that any inventor conveys to a independent experimentalist not being connected in anyway to the inventor for a exact replication with no substitutions of components of the experimental device in some known scientific method to provide proof on the inventors claim or finding.

The next problem in each and every presentation from Rosemary the inventor is always incomplete with confusing or misleading documentation and information for any independent experimentalist to ever do a qualified 100% replication of any of Rosemary's claims of "FINDING" a COP> 17 or now a COP> INFINITY experimental device.

No one that I am aware of World Wide has ever actually taken Rosemary's experimental device documentation of her findings or claims and has been able to reproduce a device in any known scientific method a replication of a experimental device with a COP> 17 or a COP> INFINITY.

This is why Rosemary has been banned from numerous open source forums for giving false and inaccurate information to it's members.

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