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Smile Amazing Grace!

I would like to share again just how remarkable Grace's CEM healing is.

My shoulder is so much better, I look forward to really giving it a workout soon. For now I feel none of the near-constant ache that had been present for months, and movement is pain-free as well.

Grace was kind enough to talk with me by phone today, and answered many questions I had about her healing, and the information she was receiving. In the process we touched on a phobia I have been carrying around since early childhood. It came up as almost an aside, but as we talked, I went through a real sense of the panic I always felt with this topic. Grace spent a good deal of time working on this issue, and as we talked more, I felt better and lighter, and the anxiety lifted tremendously. By the time we ended our conversation, I felt almost euphoric, as though I could just float away!

At this point, I can envision an example of my former fear, but I can't seem to recreate the panicky feelings I had. It is SO freeing! I feel hugely relieved and more grateful than I can express.

Thank you so much Grace. You are an angel, and a blessing to all of us here.

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