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[QUOTE=Sephiroth;13947]second try


I have been reading that John B. suggests that it is not a good idea to switch the charging battery and the primary battery directly, but to either use a capacitor or an inverter because of how the radiant energy works in the circuit. ( I must say this puzzels me as I have seen people swapping the batteries in the circuit all the time )

I also was thinking of making this circuit run continually and automatically. I am beggining to think the best way is to use capacitors to invert the radiant energy back to the batteries. I believe there would be less loss using this method as opposed to having an inverter. This would be doing it the "accepted way"

My idea is to have the circuit running on a timer at X number of hours it would switch batteries. I wish to build like 4 of these to run continually, the gain for me would be either excess charged batteries, or to put the wheel on a wind mill generator to have a continually supply of energy. I know the ssg does not supply much torque, but I was thinking if I had say 4 of these, I should be able to spin the windmill generator continually ( this is my theory )
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