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Originally Posted by jackdaniels83 View Post
Hello everyone
Im selling a SCIO Biofeedback Machine, bought in 2007 and with little use.
Also includes Laptop
I have a work proposal in Africa and dont need it anymore. It comes with the learning cds manuals and extras.
Hey jackdaniels83, I sold the SCIO that I posted in this thread right above your post for a client of mine. I also sold another one for another client, and in so doing, I have a great presence on the first page of Google when people search for SCIO's.

I have some prospective buyers that have contacted me in the past who I can contact regarding your SCIO. One of them contacted me recently, actually, which is why I'm posting this. I just recently sold the second SCIO, so I still have some fresh prospective buyers on my list that I can tap into.

Let me know if you would like my help selling your SCIO by PMing me on this forum (PM=private message). Be sure and also post to this thread saying you PM'd me in case I don't get notification of your PM, which often happens on forums.

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