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Originally Posted by Dr Poppy View Post
Quite the opposite Jolt.

1. I do build.

2. I proved that Kapanadze is using a gas and that SR is not a Kapanadze replica which clears up that disinformation whether you like it or not.

3. Nobody gets to decide what others think and write if they have valid information. Otherwise, IT WOULD BE SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH AND DISINFORMATION which seems to be what you support.

4. I didn't claim it is a hoax and don't misquote me.

5. It is not a theory, it is backed up with photos.

6. I am one of the few people that actually is building and have already spent several thousand dollars on this project.

You seem to have an agenda and it is not finding the truth. That is where you and I are different.
2. Gas are ionised air, or ionised medium where all magic happens "Between coils"
if you are vibrating this medium with certain frequency you get a Pattern in this medium who converts in very strong magnet. Before Tariel get on Free Energy he gen AntiGrvaty,
then only after he realise that this effect can make also free energy

"This is not a so called OverUnity Device this word OverUnity is little bit missinformation about real effects what is happening there"
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