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Originally Posted by mlurye View Post
This was a Fake by some user Delamorto and team of some peoples, we think he wanna make a Provocation, anyway he don't even a understand how this stuff works.
just - bla, bla, bla...

(when he release a first video lots of peoples send me link to its video from his side ask me about schematics and principle and they told that in next video all secret will be revieled and there are no more reason for keeping in secret, so wery foxy, sly strategy) but stupid.

But what can i say about SR device then i believe in it about 80% because ferrite only disturb all scenario:

you can take this for fundament:
(this is the ground of this on what all are bouilding on)
Static magnetics field or ionisation - called also as Dead Magnetic Field, but we can convert this field to meka a work (This Is The Point Where Need To Be Focused)

That way it can be started from a 9volt battery easely to in final give out 5 killovatts (for example)
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