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Now I'm REALLY disgusted (with myself)

Firstly, I found myself agreeing with D Trump; When he said, (paraphrasing) if there is no 'There, there' than why doesn't Obama just release his birth certificate.That would end all the speculation.Now that was bad, agreeing with 'the Donald'.
Now, I seem to be agreeing with Obama. His spokesperson said he thinks its a GOOD thing, what S&P did today. Coarse, maybe he was just trying to 'spin' it, like they do in Washington.Say you won when you lost kind of thing.Kind of like falling on your ass, and then saying "What, oh THAT? I MEANT to do that!" Anyway, seems to perhaps naive me that it makes the tea party argument stronger; that we need real budget reform,real cuts, and no smoke and mirrors. So,agreeing with Obama and the Donald? Not sure i can live with myself?AHhhhhhhhhh! Jim
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