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Radiation Whistleblower

Repost from Fukushima thread in case anyone hasn't seen it.

Check this out - nuclear whistleblower:
YouTube - Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth
YouTube - Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2- Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth

Saying the CIA was involved in the setting up of nuclear power plants
and intentionally sabotage them at a later time through the control software.

Obviously there are different problems with Fukushima, but very interesting
and would make complete sense considering that mass genocide is desired
by the controlling elite.

It is a global kill program.

CIA and Mossad made software and planted it in nuclear plants world wide. done with a flash drive she tells the name of the virus it will set off the meltdown and explosion - they did it in Iraq too a while back.

San Francisco had 18,000 over the limit of radiation on March 17 in the water
the government is telling doctors to tell patients do not take iodine it is dangerous, she has letters from the surgeon general who is a military general or some upper rank
she said Americans are 50% under the iodine level we should be at.
Aaron Murakami

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