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Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
For most of US history, candidates did not release medical records. Wasn't required, and no one thought anything of it. I think it was after FDR that it just became an expected thing that they all did.Similarly, I think they also do a financial disclosure statement.Again, not sure its required, although could be financial disclosure is.
Anyway, I expect that even if this Obama birth certificate thing doesn't go any further, that FOR NOW ON, candidates WILL release their birth certificates, as a matter of coarse.Proves they are a citizen, and over 35 years of age, another constitutional requirement.
In fact, its a 'strategy' the Repubs ought to employ; as each candidate 'declares' they ought to release a copy of their BC, along with medical and financial records, as a matter of coarse.Wouldn't even have to say anything; let their actions say "I've done it, now its your turn".
Later, if he still hasn't responded, during the debates the nominee could actually say it; "If there is no issue, why HAVEN't you released it?"
Anyway, just my thoughts.Jim
Still on the birther stuff huh SMH
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