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And Biological Toxins diet, as well

See this link; - Natural Antidotes to Biological Toxins

On the legislation in Az., I'll be watching closely. However, the so-called far right has taken some hits lately, in the Az. legislature, and the 'forces of moderation' are in ascendency, (unfortunately). So, we'll just have to see.

Dr. Stiffler, didn't mean to confuse, or critisize.I meant each has to develop their own plan, by yes, doing research, cause there is lots of good info out there. And by taking such suggestions as they may find useful.Just hate to see anyone getting into arguments about 1 way being the only or right way.

On the one hand, I see, as has been stated, that survivalist thinking is becoming more 'mainstream' or popular.And, I like to think that most who go beyond lip service are taking it seriously.

I also think its because more and more people are beginning to smell the stink; the sheep are begining to look up.Maybe not in a specific sense, of knowing or understanding specifically. More in a kind of general sense of disquiet, unease, uncertainty.Its not so much that they SEE whats wrong, as that they smell that 'something' stinks, know what I mean?

One of the classic symptoms of a heart attack is called "Feeling of impending Doom", (really, it is) and thats kind of what this is like.Don't know why, or how, but just kind of feel that feeling of impending doom.Its a start.Jim
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