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food storage, etc...

I'm not Mormon but they have great information on food storage.

Emergencies where you have to just take off is another situation,
but for food shortages in general, there are some great resources:

That is $10 more more or you can get this free pdf.

USDA manual for home canning - very good and accurate by the way:

Management plan for food storage at home:

This has been the definitive nuke survival book for years:

Mormon Emergency Preparedness Manual

Old FEMA manual on nuke survival

Radiation Safety in Shelters (fema) These are only a few and half are on nuke and half on food storage.

A few have info on first aid, etc... for the food, I think it is a good
idea for anyone be stocked up on good healthy food. Watch out
for a lot of the dried goods for survival - they are so loaded with
sodium that they taste nasty but not all are like that. My local

grocery stores have started carrying emergency dried goods in cans
for a couple months now and a LOT of people are stocking up.

Powdered milk, eggs, etc... you name it. Even Walmart is carrying
emergency survival food packs. It is a hot topic that is growing
fast and has ALREADY hit the mainstream stores - mostly because
it is profitable for them, but the message is loud and clear what

people are wanting and it isn't just a few paranoid types, it is

people from all walks of life that are finally getting the idea that

stocking up is a good idea.
Aaron Murakami

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