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Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
On people in the cities, they'll eat cats. There are bunches of them. Koreans did, during their famine. Maybe stray dogs, as well. And then each other.Jim
Mmmm, sounds really tasty, Jim! And let's not forget rats and pigeons, for there are plenty of those critters available in the cities. Reminds me that I once saw a rat crossing the road in a city, and it was darned near as big as a cat! Today I found a rabbit in my back yard and was thinking of making a nice pot pie with it, but it turned out to be a pet owned by a neighbor, which had simply escaped from their fenced in yard, so nixed that idea. Kind of figured it was too good to be true.

The last option you mentioned is probably no exaggeration. If people get hungry enough, they will eat many things they never would have ordinarily even given thought to. The will to survive rules over all other priorities.

As Bizzy points out, when food is no longer available in the markets, people will either starve or loot. Since very few will opt to starve, there will be plenty of looting raiders on the prowl. Once they run out of places to loot, or are met with violent opposition, they will look for other means of obtaining food, such as going after easy prey such as farm animals and domestic pets that are out roaming.
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