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Originally Posted by dutchdivco View Post
For most of US history, candidates did not release medical records. Wasn't required, and no one thought anything of it. I think it was after FDR that it just became an expected thing that they all did.Similarly, I think they also do a financial disclosure statement.Again, not sure its required, although could be financial disclosure is.
Anyway, I expect that even if this Obama birth certificate thing doesn't go any further, that FOR NOW ON, candidates WILL release their birth certificates, as a matter of coarse.Proves they are a citizen, and over 35 years of age, another constitutional requirement.
In fact, its a 'strategy' the Repubs ought to employ; as each candidate 'declares' they ought to release a copy of their BC, along with medical and financial records, as a matter of coarse.Wouldn't even have to say anything; let their actions say "I've done it, now its your turn".
Later, if he still hasn't responded, during the debates the nominee could actually say it; "If there is no issue, why HAVEN't you released it?"
Anyway, just my thoughts.

On survival plans, my thinking is any plan is better than no plan.So many have no plan, and will be stuck in 'shelters of last resort', or dead.
Beyond that, each must make their own plan, and it is their survival that will depend on it.Therefore, how seriously they take it, or don't take it, is up to them, and results, to judge. There are many variables to take into account; the household makeup; small children, people with chronic illnesses, their financial and other resources, do they live in the country or the city, bug out or bug in, and since a plan is about giving yourself options, WHAT is it that they are planning to survive? For instance, "6 mos. worth of food".
O.K., what are you going to eat after 6 mos.? If you believe that after 6 mos., some sort of order will re-establish itself, with some organised form of food production and distribution, or that by then your crops will begin to 'bear fruit', all well and good.If not, you survive 6 mos, when most are dieing, and then you either starve, or start taking food from those who still have some, or you become a 'hunter/gatherer', which is a nice way of saying 'scrounger'.

Its quite possible that what we currently call 'the homeless' is what the majority of mankind will become.They have no job, no bills, no domicile.When they awake in the a.m., their priorities are; what am I going to eat, TODAY, what am I going to drink, TODAY, and where am I going to shelter from the elements, for the next 24 hrs.

At any rate, with most not making preparations, or giving themselves options,
seems to me those who are can benefit each other by sharing concrete suggestions, rather than questioning each others plans/preparations, or sincerity or 'seriousness'. Jim

There are many, many very good books on survival and the ones published by the military can be found at gun shows, surplus shows and on-line or even purchased from the likes of CheaperThanDirt for a few dollars.

I think you contradict yourself a bit, you say everyone should plan for themselves and then at the final say people should offer suggestions, that can be taken in two ways. One way is if you offer suggestion you are interfering as they must do it all on their own and make their own choices, yet with suggestions you are providing a direction if so selected to follow.

I would think my examples are very well founded in that you will have NO advance notice of how you must be prepared. That being said, I feel one must prepare for every possible condition that they can afford to, up to the extent they want to survive. If one feels that it is only possible to spend a small percentage on preparation, then what one to select, what will it be, bio, radiation, virus, food, water, air (chem trails?). If one allows themselves to think there is one course to worry about I would suggest a case of booze to ease the pain.

All or none. Sadly you have to have a certain knowledge to make these choices and the general population does not have a clue! Watching Reality TV and Touchy Feely Biased News Casts does little to prepare one for any scenario.

No one take offense please, I am hard core here and that is the way it is. I will not have to prove anything along this line, stick around and be amazed at the possibilities.
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