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Originally Posted by DrStiffler View Post
@Bizzy and All

Bizzy I may be all wrong and if so just ignore what I say because I am not trying to contradict or say you or anyone are wrong.

In a few posts back you say you have a six month supply of food and I assume water. What I question is from your posts about how you feel and are preparing that you with hunting and all should have far more than six months. Now here is what I mean by that statement.

Talking with people that are concerned I have been lead to understand that most of them are thinking of preparing in kind to their present life. What that means is they may now have a 4,5 or six course meal and a soda or two along with it. I about fall over when I hear this silliness. When the SHTF you will be in a good position if you have supplies to just (maintain) life and a moderate amount of energy reserve to enable responses that may be called for.

When I explain that a total daily intake may be a couple of crackers for breakfast, a few canned sausages or sardines or tuna for a lunch (if you can indeed have a lunch) followed by a small portion of say beans or rice or oat meal for the final meal of the day, I get this crazy old man talking stare from them. This is where we are, we are so complacent that the thought of ruffing it is that, just a thought. How in the world they answer can someone change a life style and live like that? When I respond that you do or die, the conversation ends as they know for sure I have lost all reality.
Hi Dr Stiffler
Currently we supply most of what we consume on our own. Some things like rice eggs bread and milk etc we still buy. After all we can only do so much on our own.
We fully understand that when things go south we will have to conserve what we have and get as much as we can. We dont expect to have the same life style we currently have. But we do expect to survive. Just how much we will have to conserve will be determined by how bad things get...looting... extra strain in the food supply...etc.
It will be tough but atleast I know my family will be better off than most people. And we will survive
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