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My BugOut Bags

My wife and I have in our respective 4-Runners and in our home duplicate BugOut Bags, and for an example I will list a few things each bag contains and one can see that I am not in this for the fun of it all.

Some Content Examples;
Full face mask NBC rated, two spare filters
Chemical Suit, boots and gloves
Nitrile Glove (6) pair
3 cans of sterno
Sterno stove
Fire Sticks/Bricks
One Kbar
One folding knife
5 gal. Solar Shower Bag
2) Al Blankets
4) Days canned rations
Line, 200ft.
Light Sticks (24)
Two flashlights, 1)Halogen, 1)LED
Spare batteries
100 Rounds of Ammo for the respective weapons we carry
Full Anti-Bio Kit
Full Trauma First Aid Kit
Full standard First Aid Kit

Get the picture? Duplicates in each vehicle and our home. This is no joke for anyone. If you are serious you are serious, otherwise you are lip service to a very important topic of survival.

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