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Wonderful Grace!

I am so deeply thankful for your presence in my life! The beauty of your soul, generosity of spirit with your amazing talents are such gifts and you share them with enormous kindness. I wanted to drop by to thank you and share, too, with everyone, the amazing healing my body is going through thanks to those gifts.

From competing and training horses, fractured two vertebrae and numerous other broken bones. Shoulder, pelvic, several ribs, wrist. Oh how I loved those animlas but they are big, they react from fear never meaning to hurt (for the most part) - just a reaction backed by 1200 pounds of power.

As Grace began working on the pain from those old injuries, I'd feel enormous relief and then a shifting of pain to an area unrelated to those injuries. I now understand for as she explained, an issue is sprouting up that needs healing unrelated to those injuries. I began to think of myself as an onion (not very flattering but a great visual) and with each healing felt an incredible shifting of awareness seeing the world through new eyes, sans filters created from walking planet earth - filters that no longer served me or the people I love and care about. What a blessing!

I thank you again, Darling Grace. Your gifts and generosity with those gifts is awe-inspiring. I lovingly tell her she performs magic. And that is just what it feels like - magical healing!

I love you!

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