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plasma ignition

Originally Posted by Vickers View Post
Hmmm... Tough call. Greed and ego.
I mean the system does not actually work at all if trying to run a car engine on water alone.
But the novelty of that big spark will sell millions of units to teenage boy racers all over the globe.
Their conventional plugs wont last long hence the need for Aarons tungsten plug, but even tungsten don't last much longer.
So there will be a huge market for replacement plugs.

Maybe aquapulse should supply the spark and Aaron supply the plugs.

Shake hands, have a beer, and get on with saving the planet.
Thanks Ordo!

@Vickers - actually, there are some limited successes in proving that
if this ignition has enough joules in it per blast that it can indeed run
an engine on water. It is not good for the engine but it proves it can
be done but not practical in my opinion. This is why the interest in the
NH3 & N2O production from air, water and electricity, which is what
was done on the real water cars and with the proper fuel, the plasma
does not have to be as strong.

I believe it is not merely a novelty but to each their own. It demonstrates
a few profound concepts that most people won't agree with but the
tests reveal everything that I predicted would happen.

The Tungsten plug development or the "nascent plug" was not mine.
That was Rosco's team. I did however find ways around it in different
applications. However, on small discharges, that DO make a difference,
off the shelf non-resistor plugs will last long enough to make it worthwhile.

And if it is for all out racing applications, nobody is going to care if a plug
lasts for one race - anything to slice off the time just that one extra bit.

I cannot comment on anything new at the moment, however it was already
stated a couple times that I was willing to offer something that would
be inclusive of everyone, including Luc despite what has happened.

Arvind was the only one that expressed interest and the others decided
that a win-win was not a favorable course of action at that time at least.
Perhaps I am mistaken and they actually want to explore their options now,
but neither of them have indicated that to me. I haven't closed the final
door yet and am always open.
Aaron Murakami

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