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Keep up da fight!!!

Hello Aaron,
I have been following this for a while...a LONG while

I am actually a returning member, my alt username was radiant_1, Humble_servant...and we we're in that skype channel hosted by David in D.C. (before you started this forum)

I was one of the first to replicate YOUR single capacitor version. I got great results with a 2500uf capacitor ...a little too great

Remember we had a disagreement on the mode of operation? Anyway......

I can vouch for the fact that Luc's circuit was definitely different, and that he was excited about your simplification.

I also want to say, don't even sweat the little stuff, I agree that since a patent has been filed for your invention, you should be on the damn thing. Screw all the people deserve recognition and compensation, since it is going to be used to make money under someone elses name....GET IT! LOL
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