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open source

If and when this patent should ever be granted, it is of no
consequence to open source builders so all arguments and
opinions about this subject are a moot point. Why argue
for something you ALREADY have?

Mark, why put invention in quotes? Why would you belittle
it in such a way? It is clearly the most elegant version of
any plasma jet ignition that has ever been disclosed to the
public in plasma jet ignition history.

Search and find that disclosing something
publicly does NOT automatically make it public domain and
that is a myth too.

Basically, SO MUCH of what all the "open source" pushers
are claiming about IP in public domain, etc... are FALSE
and it appears so much of the open source technology
movement is to flush out things that others will steal
and try to prevent others from using because most of
the key points are not true. Personal use of a patent,
etc... finding out most is not true as I have been led
to believe. Shame on me I guess.

Open source builders have ALREADY been told even if the
patent is actually granted, they are free to replicate,
improve or whatever else without infringement.

Wow - people who never posted a replication or expressed
any appreciation to me before for this particular circuit
suddenly feel they have something to say about it.

Maybe everyone can see why some people don't want
to share more to open source builders.
Aaron Murakami

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