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Originally Posted by smw1998a View Post
Hello Aaron,
There can be no benefit from this argument. I simply agree with Armagdn03's statement. Circuits and methods should be closely guarded until patent rights are secured. As many of us, including yourself, were working on this circuit long before the patent application was submitted, full public disclosure has already taken place, this makes any patent weak, bordering useless. As far as I'm concerned water spark plug is in the public domain. I don't see why attorneys should be made rich trying to argue otherwise.

Regards Lee...
I agree with this statement.


I would suggest that you try to understand that once you "Teach it to someone" It is a gift. Especially on this forum which is supposed to be open source.

Here is a good statement then question for you Aaron.... You are the moderator of this forum and that forum is "Open Source" based. How can you claim anything you share here as you holding the title to if you shared it in someone else's thread or as a reply in a thread?

Plain and simple you gave him the idea to make his original circuit work. Weather you call that giving "Teaching" or giving you still volunteered that information by submitting the reply.

Can't we get back to what this forum is all about! Why scare brilliant people off from collaborating by continuing to bicker like this tit for tat posts.

Another question for you Aaron? Do we have to leave this forum and start a new one that we don't have to worry about the moderator overstepping his bounds because we didn't put copyrights on the openly released information? I mean we are doing this for what exactly? I thought it was to learn the truth about science in an open collaborative way.

It seems this is about you, Aaron, really and not about the open source community that you are to be moderating for.

If you sent them Emails stating the proposal of royalties then this is about money then right? How does that reflect on your position as moderator of this open source community? Does this mean you are against the idea of community based sharing of ideas? Obviously your actions speak louder then words here...
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