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Oxygen is a magnetic atom (polarized) and is just like a magnet. O1 being magnetic bonds to another O1 atom to form O2. This unfortunately is like connecting two bar magnets which completes the magnetic path and the magnetic field is confined and weaker outside that path.

An electrostatic discharge under the right conditions will cleave the atoms apart momentarily and produce a magnetic field. A laser can also be used. It is important to place the gas under a vacuum which produces acceleration and multipacitor effect which is electron cascade.

Many of the free energy devices used this process. Hubbard coil, Gray tube and Kapanadze coil just to name a few.

A complete how to info. on this subject was recently posted at and was suppressed. They turned off email notifications so people could not even get the text of the post in their notifications. (It is smart to turn that option on) That web site is clearly the opposite of what it pretends to be.

Lots of people are working to insert confusion and disinformation into the OU discussion. Another of their favorite tactics is to give you busy work with blinky LEDS playing with insignificant power that will not be a threat to oil or OU.

All free energy devices use acceleration to convert mass into the atomic energy contained within the mass. All you have to do is learn the acceleration techniques and locate that process in the device to understand how it works.

A spark gap is also an accelerator of sorts. The electrostatic cavitation will help cleave the bond to produce that magnetic field.

Oxygen has the same magnetic field strength as iron by weight. I'm not sure if that is O2 or O1. I suspect it is O2 which I would guess would make O1 stronger.

Resonance or the mesomeric effect is also helpful as it get the electrons into a bounce from higher to lower orbit. With a little ping from a spark gap at the right moment, the electron will be removed from the atom. A photon will also carry the photon away.

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