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There is still viable and good reason to study the anomalous and interesting results this technology brings to light.

From my own point of view, i believe the problems are of a personal interaction nature and not related to the validity of the technology. I realize this is still a "highly controversial" tech, but even after these all these months the critics have not answered several telling questions about it, imo. Therefor it DOES deserve study, no matter what it is called or who does it

I don't regret being on the team or writing an article about. I do regret that later there was a great deal of suspicion and animosity between the team members and that this ended the collaboration before more could be done. That is not a judgment on anyone, just the fact of it.

I don't know how it seems nearly project around here has become an argument about "Patent-ability" !!

But i am starting to wonder if that is deliberate or not.

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