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Smile Oh my Goodness!

Grace, I am amazed!

I went to bed almost immediately after posting last night. I woke up around 1 am to visit the bathroom, and I felt no pain at all in my shoulder. It was a night of fitfull sleep and many odd dreams, but because of the way I sleep (positions), I frequently notice the shoulder aching at night. It did not ache last night, through the night. I wondered if it was you!

At one point in the night I thought "I'll do yoga in the morning, as I will probably have no trouble with up/down dog". But alas, this morning, I did feel a little discomfort again, although it is much less than it had been. I did not resume my yoga due to this, but I thought about posting to wonder if you had done exactly what you did.

As it happened, I have a huge amount of business to attend to today (Yay! ), and actually need to run now. I'll be back on again much later this evening, but I am thrilled at your comments and this experience.

I am happy to continue this online if you desire, to benefit all. Or, offline as you prefer, and I wish to offer an energy exchange - whether that be traditional payment or something else! You are gifted and I'm really excited by this!

Thank you so much, and I'm sorry to rush so much!

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