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Smile Your Shoulder

Hi Joy,

l Learned Chinese Energetic Medicine (CEM) from Dr. Kam Yuen Yuen Method: Full Spectrum Healing I began studying CEM back in 2001 to help me deal with some emotional pain I was going through at the time, and to improve my Martial Arts skill. Dr. Yuen is a 35th Generation Kung Fu master, and I wanted to understand how he worked with Energy to create strength in the physical body. Up to that point my experience with working with Energy was with Reiki which is also wonderful.

I have done many things along the way to improve myself. I have always done these things for my own personal use. If someone specifically asked for assistance I would never say no, but I never publicised my abilities. Mostly close friends and Family members were the only people that new what I was learning and doing.

I have practiced CEM extensively, because of the excellent , consistent results it has given me. I practice it daily. I have always been an extremely private person, but since Paths I have come out of my shell so to speak!! I am forever grateful to Paths for this too!!

I no longer desire to keep my CEM a secret. I see now that more people need to know how simple and effective it is. There are many healing modalities that we all need to become aware of and CEM is one of them.

Cem allows me with barely any information at all to tune into, Scan the body or situation and make "corrections" for strength. Or make corrections for the intended goal.

I worked on you last night Joy, when I first read your post. I just didn't have the time to post back then. I have just now worked on your shoulder again.

I work on these levels (even though there are more, since we are infinite beings) Physical Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, Psychological Body, and the Psychic/Spiritual Body.

Your Mental Body and Spiritual Body needed correction. When I am on the phone with someone or in person, I explain in detail what this means. It can be scary at times for some people since for example the Spiritual Body has many elements involved that take a deep level of compassion and understanding. I prefer to just make corrections many times and not explain the "why" of it all.

Right now I will just ask you Joy to post back now at let me know how your shoulder is feeling. Even if it feels as if it is worse I need to know. At times the pain feels as if it is moving. In Actuality the issue causing the pain was removed, but now another "issue" has surfaced calling for attention now that the initial more intense pain is gone. As I remove layers of issues at times other issues pop in.

We are forever moving, growing, changing, and evolving into more and more magnificent Beings. This is what I consistently see, and KNOW to be the truth since studying CEM. Since Paths my CEM has evolved to a level of greater awareness, quicker results, and more light!! My Gratitude For Paths is IMMENSE!

For a private session with me go to:
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