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Rosemary Ainslie

Rosemary badmouths me for placing a link to her blog in a "private forum"
where nobody can see it. Ridiculous. This forum has been public for months
and she should be happy it is all in one place with all related threads.

Since it is completely unappreciated and she wants to call me names and
insult me, I have left the title of her blog but have removed the links so
she isn't riding on the efforts of the forum.

This Inductive Resistor forum is, again, PUBLIC. And, anyone can see it
and post to it.

Seeing how she has reacted in such a pessimistic way to me posting a link
that would drive traffic to her site, I would imagine that detailed analysis
of the blog could be a waste of time as nothing has apparently changed
with her mode of operation.

Peter and I put her on the map when we brought her tests to this forum
and it then spread across the entire internet. If it wasn't for that, nobody
in the "free energy" community would have any idea who this woman is.
Unbelievable how anyone could be so ungrateful.
Aaron Murakami

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