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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I am not ranting (well, maybe a little ), I seriously hope I get some feedback, cause I really don't understand.

What’s not to understand? For the average person, and even many doctors, they’re not even remotely aware that Huxley or these other cures exist. They have bought into the lie that the drug companies are furiously working away to try and find the cure. Naturally we are requested to keep sending in our nickels and dimes to help fund this research. But in the meantime we can be assured that we will only get the very best that modern medical science has to offer, surgery, chemo, and radiation. Of course these are all the conventional doctor can offer, even if he is aware of these other treatments, because to do so would very likely mean the loss of his license. However all you will be told is how wonderful these treatments are, yet the reality is that their success rate is quite dismal.

But this really shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that all of their “cures” are also known to cause cancer.

So if you really want to know what is going on, as the old adage states, just ”follow the money” and with our current medical system there is lots of money to follow. The goal being do not to actually cure the patient but rather just treat the symptoms of his problem. That way you have a patient for the rest of his life, however short that may be.

I met a guy last summer at a car show he was fighting cancer at that time. I suggested he try an alternative cure, and told him about hydrogen peroxide. He expressed an interest. So I gave him some articles about it and the protocol on how to use it. I also told him his doctor would probably think he was nuts for even considering something like this. I was right. His doctor convinced him chemo was the only way to go. Well I just learned last week end that he was finally being released from the hospital. His doctors said they were finished with him. They had done all they could, they had drained him of what little money he had, so now it was time to send him home to die.
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