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I don't know if my story can help, but I'll try: I started the Self Esteem module about a month ago, and although I noticed some changes, on the whole they weren't good ones! In some ways I even felt worse than before. However, I took this to be a sign that some much-needed work was being done on some very deep self-esteem issues, and I committed to doing the module for three whole months. I'm not a person who expects instant results, I was okay with that.

Then I read this about the Mood Elevation module. The explanation implies that the Self Esteem and Mood Elevation modules work best in tandem. You see, one of them works on the thought patterns, and the other on the actual body chemistry.

So a couple of days ago I added Mood Elevation as well. And bam! Today I woke up feeling actually quite good - the first time in weeks that I've felt this good. I just know that the Mood Elevation module has kicked in by correcting some chemical imbalances, and I also know that the Self Esteem module is working behind the scenes to create lasting changes in my negative thought patterns. I'm going to continue using both of them at the same time, and see how it goes. I only wish I'd done this from the start! It would've saved me a lot of misery.

By all means, give the Mood Elevation module a try. If it's not going to work for your particular situation, then you'll probably know it within days. It seems to kick in pretty quickly from what I can tell.
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