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my 2 cents

Just was pointed to this lovely thread, and read it through. So, the first response I have is to a rather old post in this thread...
Originally Posted by kcarring View Post
@John @ All

I've been playing with these circuits trying to learn more and ultimately my goal is to device a method to drive and control about 60 CFL tubes in a greenhouse off grid. Currently, the power gets inverted to AC, from solar, then ran into ballasts. This property is pretty rural so I am not quite as concerned about RF as I would be in town. My hopes are that I can devise a circuit that runs on the supply of 12v directly and if at all possible, actually used the collapse transients to help further the process. My thoughts are too that timing the circuit could also possibly provide energy savings. Later on I will take it further and figure out how to detect the "sun strength" and have those lights dim and or shutoff when ambient light is available (sun comes out from behind a cloud or rises in the morning) - which would further optimize the system. I have even thought about incorporating a tesla switching system behind this to take it even further in terms of battery consumption. All in due time. I somehow imagine a Bedini - like circuit doing this. Perhaps I don't understand - and - in a normal ballast you are getting that bonus already? In any event I am learning a lot about transistors, tonight I learned how to check them and identify properties, I'm getting a better grasp on this stuff daily. If my thoughts in general are not sensible, I welcome anyone to set me straight.
Look here for info on building your own 35w electronic ballasts for flourescent bulbs...
You'd have to gut CFL's of their electronics and render them back to their orginal Tesla design by shorting the coils on each end to make single terminals (instead of coils meant to burn up) to use a 12v sourced ballast on 'em though, like Imhotep did with his CFL modification lit with a chattering relay-diode-ignition coil circuit. edit: radiant oscillator.
Regular flourescent tubes could be lit with an electronic ballast the same way, but apply HVAC across the tube by shorting the coils at each end to act as single terminals at each end.
Funny, I was absolutely sure I'd posted my experiments in Imhotep's thread a couple years back, but now the forum shows I only have one other post, in Rick's thread on the friction boiler. Go figure.
As far as galvanic action in batteries, my college physics book says that no electrolyte is actually required to produce power from dissimilar metals... metals can be held in direct physical contact with nothing between them and still produce power... sounds a bit like the thermocouple references here and there through this thread, but the physics book makes no mention of temerature differential being required to operate. It also doesn't discuss corrosion in that sort of setup, and is really only in the book as an example I think.
This whole powercell idea in this thread looks really interesting. I'll be playing with the concepts a bit in my (near nonexistent) free time.
Thanks all for sharing your contributions.

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