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Dr. good work, keep going

Originally Posted by Dr Saminstine View Post
I have been following the mag cells and have built several out of water filters and air filters the first battery I built I used a salt solution it didn't last too long I have built others in distilled water and colloidal silver in distilled water these have lasted longer but the greatest success so far has been a hollow one inch dia carbon rod 6" long with the center drilled @ 1/2 inch then wrapped with felt the1/8" mag strip then wrapped with 1/16 space and the whole thing submerged in a high ppm silver solution the btm 1" is left bare carbon and the electrode is inserted into a jar,add one and a half inches of solution then add vegetable oil until fully covered the water wickes into the carbon and so far the cell is good I also use a 3/32"carbon fiber rod drilled down into the carbon as my positive the water fills the core and the oil protects from air. Thank you all who contribute to a better tomorrow

Hi DrSaminstine,
I saw your YT clips regarding the Captret blinking LED circuit, and I think the idea is ingenious. Great job, dude.
I bought 50 red blinking LEDs for a replication of your idea.
I got a JT circuit which lights 200 Christmas Tree led lights continuously, I wonder if I can use the blinking LEDs to control somehow these 200 leds to blink (the IC control box which came with the lights did not work, because the driving transistors can only pass DC, and the JT outputs HF AC.
I already burned several of those ICs ).
This earth battery is a hit for the JT, I just want to make enough of them to drive my 200 led circuit. Currently, the circuit is consuming 38mA 3V from two AA alkaline batteries for lighting all the leds(200) for more than 4 days 24 hours a day.

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