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Mag cell info

I have been following the mag cells and have built several out of water filters and air filters the first battery I built I used a salt solution it didn't last too long I have built others in distilled water and colloidal silver in distilled water these have lasted longer but the greatest success so far has been a hollow one inch dia carbon rod 6" long with the center drilled @ 1/2 inch then wrapped with felt the1/8" mag strip then wrapped with 1/16 space and the whole thing submerged in a high ppm silver solution the btm 1" is left bare carbon and the electrode is inserted into a jar,add one and a half inches of solution then add vegetable oil until fully covered the water wickes into the carbon and so far the cell is good I also use a 3/32"carbon fiber rod drilled down into the carbon as my positive the water fills the core and the oil protects from air. Thank you all who contribute to a better tomorrow

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