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Alright i'll join the party.

I was about to be tracking down some carbon rod and magnesium ribbon, and using alum salts in the insulating paper like this:

Crystal Growing Tree Kit

but in light of previous posts, i assume we'll be heading in the direction of chalk-carbon-magnesium salts-alum-lead oxide etc paste..

I assume the current concept for the energy source is a broadband rf signal developed by random crystal lattices reaching resonances, fed by the negative resistance temperature differentials owing to the carbon..

This develops more resonances et al until electrons shake loose, leaving still vibrating electron holes, where virtual particles are encouraged to coalesce..

Also, thought i'd bring up this as a possible setting agent;

CHERIC | 연구정보 | 문헌DB | 학술지 검색

the benefits of combining the constant voltage field of an epoxy-salt electret and the constant? current of a crystal lattice battery could be worth the effort down the track..

Watching avidly, will still get the carbon rod and magnesium ribbon if doing so would help group progress, just let me know.
Atoms move for free. It's all about resonance and phase. Make the circuit open and build a generator.
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