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@ All
Now that we have worked out some of the problems with the magnesium knowing what Elum does as Peter and I found out Yesterday. it's time to mix the correct amount into a past and build a crystal battery, does that give you any hints.

John H will not say anything and never will give the information for you to reproduce his rock cell but this getting much easier to figure out now. I have a carbon Graphite and magnesium cell. I have been spraying light coats of Alum on it to form a crystal lattice it seem to be working on one of my Monopole motors now for last 4 weeks. We just need the correct crystal arrangement and we have it.

I can tell that one of the electrodes is Magnesium possibly with Mercury rubbed over it. I'm not saying that you should work with Mercury but I remember from Science class rubbing Mercury on Zinc to keep the Zinc in tact. Nobody understood the dangers of Mercury then, no worse then playing with CFL's.

Look at marcus reid crystal battery - Google Search

John B

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