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Keeping the air out--keeping the water out????

Originally Posted by jonnydavro View Post
@Cody.Adding some oil to the distilled water after boiling may keep the air out.I am thinking back to science at school when we did an experiment with nails to see how they rust under various conditions and the testube with oil floating on the top didn't rust.Jonny
@Jonny & All
You guys maybe onto something. Yesterday I made a new cell using a 5" piece of hollow 1/2" diameter carbon fiber arrow shaft. I used a piece of heavy duty paper towel as the isolator and wound mg ribbon tightly on it covering the whole 5" piece. The wraps of mg were right next to each other. I first got the cell wet with tap water and it worked as expected then decided to "stop" it by drying it off and spraying it with WD-40. To my amazement it didn't stop. It slowed way down to about 1.2 volts with not much power but it was alive and well running on a "mixture" of left over water and WD-40. I put it in a small plastic tube with a slight amount of water and have it running my little spinner pulse motor.
I think that we can slow the oxidation down to a point where a reaction is still taking place to produce electricity but the magnesiium will last much longer. It is my hope anyway.

Here is a link to the history of WD-40. My dad was working on the Atlas missile project for the Air Force at that time and they had a problem with the thin stainless steel skin of the missile corroding. WD-40 was developed to solve the problem--- and the rest is history. ""Water Displacement- 40th attempt"--- what would we do with out it.
WD-40 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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