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Originally Posted by minoly View Post
how long have you had those in the ground? have you seen their condition lately?
I'd be interested in what is in your dirt, perhaps you can start selling it when we buried our magnesium in the ground it went bad very quickly. We live in the city, near pine trees, so our dirt is acidic and who knows what else is in there(ground fill). I was digging next to the house to put some shrubberies 4 years ago and found whole bikes, garden rakes wire fence parts buried in the dirt and ALL tied to the house ground!

Hi Patrick . It's mainly grey clay with some top soil and i get run offs from what ever the farmers spray with Crop dusters and tractors . Lots of nitrogen and chicken poo also Yes i pull up the rods in 6 months. the carbon and graphite is pristine and the zinc and magnesium are slightly whitish when i washed the clay off . the magnesium is slightly pitted but the bottoms are still sharp so far . compared to my other house/lot about a mile away mostly sand the rods over there are still running lights outside thru a Jt and they have been in the ground for a few years . i pulled one up a few weeks (magnesium)ago and am using it for the air battery . It was slightly pitted and the bottoms were ragged a bit on the metals ,the carbon was pristine . i just took some windex and a piece of steel wool and it was shiny in no time . very little loss .

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