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Thanks for sharing the ckt!
What I love about these is, not only that they are very efficient, but that they are clean and simple enough for me to understand :-)

Alum - KAl(SO4)2 aluminum potassium sulfate
So we’re still in the salty electrolyte area of the periodic table. I wonder if the aluminum is what helps. we have a rod that is supposedly an aluminum magnesium mixture. We have been reluctant to spray it or wet it with anything because we only have the one. I think we’ll cut a piece off and give it a try this weekend.

Our copper pipe magnesium ribbon lasted a week and a day in the Ziploc bag, then another 5 days if we gave it a good squeeze in the AMn now it needs a squeeze every couple of hours, the ribbon is noticeably tarnished and sulfated.
YouTube - salt vs magnesium battery cell
This was lightly sprayed with the dri-z-air distilled water combo. The Ziploc bag seems to be a nice accelerator to get to the breaking point of the elements. We’ll put one in w/ the alum
We used a diode, after shooting the vid, we removed it and the motor speed increased 3 fold. Is there any other reason to use the diode on these cells?

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