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Post carbon graphite magnesium and zinc

i have a reseller contract with some companies that manufacture the carbon graphite magnesium and zinc . in sizes one inch thick X 2 feet or 1 foot and 1/2 inch diameter X 2 feet or 1 foot in pure carbon or pure graphite ,magnesium or zinc , I used to sell them on but have not sold or kept the site up this year and gave it away to another administrator . i also have access to special orders up to foot in diameter up to 8 feet in length on carbon or graphite)these are Hard fired and not that brittle . the graphite is very hard .they can be made with a wire in the middle of them for electrical connect .
I use a combination of one inch thick two feet long graphite and magnesium in dry dirt and get peaks of 1.9 volts and up to 800 milli amps . with carbon and zinc rods of same size i get 1.4 tp 1.6 volts 700ma to over 1 amp in moist dirt out here in the middle of the country where i live . If i remember right a 1/2 inch x one foot was around 10 dollars for carbon or graphite . Ill have to check metal price for magnesium and zinc but they used to be around 40 dollars for one inch X two feet magnesium . the zinc was a bit higher.i have to order in a small bulk to get these prices so if there is an interest i can pursue this .I have three pairs of them in the ground out here in Nowhere land and run some nice bright lights and a radio 24/7 for my free energy earth batteries .also a 1/2 inch graphite and magnesium rod one foot in length wrapped in some cotton and taped together with duck tape is running a big Jt .

thank you John Bedini for your circuits and free energy experiments . I have bought your books and enjoy reading them like an old sears christmas toy catalog from the 70's You are my Main man and inspiration .

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