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Originally Posted by chuck H View Post
Here is a video of the John Bedini Earthlight with solar cell. In this one We are using a Dupont #800 water filter with Zinc strips and distilled Alum water. The LED shuts off when there is the correct amount of light. The Zinc is from a sheet sheared into strips and soldered together. It makes only 1volt but as you can see it has plenty of current to run this circuit. The Magnesuim ciruit would leave only about .6volts under this load but the Zinc under load has .7 volts. I have not checked the current draw yet.

YouTube - Bedini earthlight solar with zinc cell.wmv
Does anyone know what was used for electrolyte in the big old zinc/carbon
1 1/2v cylindrical dry cells with the nuts and screws on top ?

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