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Originally Posted by Floridus View Post
What is cement water ratio?
Ratio of that is not important, as long as the cement is wet enough to avoid bubble trap formation in the copper coil.

I use too many water a couple of time and I cure it slow, I let it stay in the shade instead of being exposed to the sun.

Originally Posted by Roland View Post
How would you use this in a car?
I think near the fuel tanks is better. But I also observe influence too when I place it near the fuel line under the drivers seat. I prefer to put it inside passenger room to allow the cemenite to influence the cockpit too.

When you use cemenite, make sure to remove other orgone type fuel enhancer, expecially the one with polarity (like magnet or crystal) or do not differentiate polarity (like orgone accumulator).

Maybe shielding the fuel line with alumunium wrap will prevent the engine male energy from influencing the fuel. But never try this yet.
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