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BUT, does anyone on this forum, or at that site listed above, does ANYONE here know hundreds of people cured of cancer? Not a few, not a dozen, or maybe even one???

I personally know hundreds that have been cured by Hoxsey....if someone else knows a bunch cured by some other method...please share.
I know seven people who've had skin cancers or large dark moles wither and fall off after they started using a particular moisturiser made with apricot kernel oil and aloe vera. This moisturiser is not, nor was it intended to be, a cancer treatment. The apricot kernel oil however is cold pressed from the woody seed inside apricots, and is coincidentally one of the richest natural sources of nitrilocides known to man, though they're found in many plants. (it's why dogs eat certain types of grass, and are so choosy about what grasses they'll take.) The lady selling that moisturiser did so, and kept getting these reports (literally hundreds,) for a few years before we happened to meet and I told her about the ( no doubtcompletely unscientific and probably lifethreatening if you ask the FDA ) curative properties of one of the ingredients.

I know two people who've used black salve (or homebake hoxey, or diy cancema if you like. Same deal. They all work, people who've used one tend to claim the one they used is the only one that works, but it seems as long as you've got enough nitrilocide, that's all it takes.) One to treat a skin cancer on his chest, the other to treat breast cancer. Both were successful. So all up that's nine people I personally know who've used an alternative cancer cure and had a positive result. I know of another, but haven't met him. I don't know of anyone who's tried an alternative treatment for cancer without success.

I have known more than ten people, now deceased, who chose the mainstream FDA approved treatment, and two more people who've tried the FDA approach who're now in remission. One of those two is my mother, and she has lymphedema as a result of her chemo a decade ago.

I know what I'd do if I had cancer, make the salve. Or get hoxey or cancema if it turned out to be cheaper.
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