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Cemenite, a female orgone device

Cemenite is a version of orgonite made of porland cement and insulated copper wire to produce female orgone device. It is very important not to add other ingredient, including crystal, since the result can be different. The use of alumunium instead of copper may produce bad device.

While bare wire can be used, it produce much weaker effect than insulated wire. Straight wire also weaker than coiled.

Cemenite must be built exactly like spesified bellow:
- portland cement
- clean water
- insulated copper wire

No other material or addition allowed. They can change results. If you have to, then do proper test to ensure it work the same way.

Create some hundreds of insulated copper coil, wound it clock wise. each had 2 loop of 3mm inner diameter. use adequate spacing between wound.

I create the coil by wounding long wire over something with 3mm diameter and then cut it on each two loops:
YouTube - Menggulung kawat untuk cemenite

More coils are better. I use around 300 coils.

Prepare a tubular mold. Preferably from organic material or thin plastic. Also better if the top and bottom has same diameter. Pyramid, cone or rectangular shape should be avoided. Ideal shape is sphere, I usually trim the sharp side later. I use mold with 5 cm diameter and 2.5 cm height.

Mix portland cement and water well. Then you can either directly mix it with coil or pour it progressively to the mold. Make sure that there is no trapped bubble in the coil. You can shake or stir it.

After that dry the piece well.

Here is more detailed video
YouTube - How to make cemenite, female orgone generator

cemenite testing procedure:
- must be dry
- no air hole or surface bubble in the cemenite, hole indicate male result
- do not produce warm sensation
- produce richer mixture on vehicle
- produce clear ice, sometimes with air spiral inside
- put it under the bed and see if it do make you sleep easier
- put it near plants and see if the plants grow better

Possible effect:
- regeneration
- reverse aging
- no more chemcloud
- cooler temperature perception.

My result:
- better sleep
- calmer emotion / reduced anger
- more vehicle mileage and power
- more wild birds around / chirping
- bluer gas stove
- bigger plant leaves*
- preserve food better*
- tastier water / food*

*For outdoor or refrigerator use, please insulate the cemenite to make it water proof. cemenite should only be used dry or the polarity can be different. I think paint can be used.

While male version can be made using additional/different material, please do not use male version continuously because I believe it can produce detrimental effect. The first symptom is feel of energizing, pain is gone, feel relieve, but with continuous exposure, some experiencing nightmare, unasiness, become emotional or very sensitive, headache, or feel hot.

field trial at June 26th, 2011 at Probolinggo, east Java, Indonesia:

One cemenite seems to change cirrus cloud into rain clouds. Chemtrail will remove rain clouds and produce cirrus clouds. The town experience heavy chemtrailing that week. On one picture a persistence trails shown right at the hole. That trail do not last long.

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