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Temp OU?

Hey All!
I'm Rod from Ohio. (Please don't hold that against me!)
So far I've built 2 working SGs, one mini and one full sized. The full sized is currently being upgraded with a new rotor & more magnets.

If you all don't mind, I'd like to ask a question. Might be a dumb one, but I just can't seem to figure it out.

First the setup..
Capspan rotor with 8 double stacked neos, 150 ft. of 22 & 26 wire with r60 welding rod core. A 1K ohm (986 actual) resistor on the trigger. The 1 ohm test passed with .16 volts and no NE light up.
Primary bat is a converted 200 watt PSU putting out 12.46 volts.
Charging battery is a worn out 12 volt cordless drill pack showing 3.688 volts. the good stuff!
Input from PSU....75ma
Output to battery....105ma!
(I've charged up at least a dozen batteries and have never had these numbers)
About an hour or so later....
Charging battery 5.91 volts
Input 87 ma
Output 87 ma?

I load the battery down to 3.60 volts (after an hour of resting) and start charging it again. This time using a 630 CCA 12 volt starting battery on the back end.
Input 80 ma
Output 110 ma.

So the questions is...
What is it about this old drill battery that causes the SG to be in over unity at low voltage?

Thanks in advance!
The cornfused noob!
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